A Dynamic Portrait is a showcase all about you, your community, and your world. Share your innate talents, passions, and goals. Be more than just a career,  parent or partner. We are all unique individuals with special skills and talents. Dynamic Portraits afford you the ability to step back and appreciate who you are while sharing your uniqueness with the world.

After answering our questionnaire, we will arrange to spend a day with you or your organization to shed new light and perspective. Dynamic Portraits wick away your hesitation and inspire you on your journey. Whether you are an individual, a group, community, or cause, a Dynamic Portrait will bring your audience up close and personal.

Paulette’s Story – Umbrellas of Unity Profile

O’Dean’s Story – Umbrellas of Unity Profile

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You’ve got the life stories. VisuaLiving Media has the passion and expertise to bring your stories to life, through exclusive, custom-crafted legacy videos, you, your family, and your friends will treasure.

Legacy Video Trailer – Curtis & Phyllis: A Life Together

“What an excellent piece! Made us both cry the first time…made us smile the second time.”

Dwayne & LissetteSon & Daughter-in-Law

“The video is absolutely breathtaking, thanks.. ”