VisuaLiving Media Has Landed

Photography, Video, Instruction, Graphic Design & Printing

VisuaLiving Media, after circling the terrain for over a decade, has landed. Experiencing the natural world, and observing the wide reach of the human condition has inspired us to share our creative vision. As a visual communications venture, we feel empowered by the digital tools available today to bring smiles to faces and hearts and share the joy and beauty of the world around us.  Utilizing the power of visual storytelling, photography, and graphic design, VisuaLiving Media is able to inspire, persuade, preserve memories, evoke emotions, enlighten and entertain an observing audience.

VLM offers a host of services to individuals, small business entities, non-profits, or to anyone who is interested in delivering a visual message across to their target audience.

Through our Virtual Portfolios, you can highlight your organization’s mission or as  a single entity, showcase your individualism and skill set. We help gather information, refine it, and mold it into a dynamic and powerful visual statement about who or what you are.

A Legacy Video is your life story — a biographical history the preserves your family’s birthright and can be shared with family and friends for generations to come.  These videos can also be used to preserve the history of a community, organization, or corporation.

With decades of photography experience, VLM offers up plenty of information and tips for photographers of all levels. Expertise in Photoshop and Lightroom are shared through videos, podcasts, and PDF downloads, as well as individual instruction and workshops.  Check out our Photography  and Learning sections for free downloads and more information.

VisuaLiving Media also takes pride in creating dynamic websites that creatively address the client’s needs. Learn more on our Web Design page.

Have fun exploring our website. We love feedback and conversation so don’t hesitate to comment or contact us about anything. And don’t forget to wander over to Pantella, a place where simple ideas take different directions and experimentation is always welcome!