The Landing

VisuaLiving Media has evolved out of the desires and dreams of two creative entrepreneurs.  There have been many iterations of similar ventures floating in the clouds, but VLM didn’t touch down until the convergence of thought, word, and deed were realized. We reached an age where certain aspects of living have come together, and where our view of the world has evolved to a level that is opening up new doors. The trajectory of these convergences has gained momentum and spawned an appreciation for all the sensory objects around us; hence, Visual Living.  As a media company we want to bring our new awareness and enthusiasm to life in the projects we are charged to create. Hopefully this will result in a new and unique perspective and lend a certain degree of impact on our audience.

VisuaLiving has landed and is ready for take-off!


At this stage in her life, JANET is driven by the desire to make a difference in the lives of others. She has a keen insight and ability to seek out the underlying stories of people she meets. Janet is an immensely compassionate individual, who has donated her time working with incarcerated teens, disabled seniors, and marginalized children, among others. Her involvement with graphic and web design began during her lengthy career with IBM Research.  For the last decade she has been intricately involved with public relations, content marketing, and writing. Janet shares a creative vision with Sherman and partnering with him in VisuaLiving Media works to bring their vision to life.


SHERMAN is the creative whiz-bang behind VisuaLiving Media. He brings to the table years of television know-how, starting his career in production at ABC Sports and Monday Night Football, and furthering his experience with stints in public broadcasting with shows such as Reading Rainbow and Pinwheel. Sherman extended his reach into interactive in the early 90s working with ARC Studios, one of the first interactive outfits in New York City.  He has over 40 years as a photographer and teaches Photoshop and Lightroom to up-and-coming digital shooters as well as seasoned pro-photographers.  It’s his extensive broad range of experience that he brings to this new venture.

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