Digital Photo Retouching, Restoration and Creative Services

Do you have that almost perfect vacation shot if only there weren’t telephone wires running through the middle or that stranger trekking across your image?  We can fix that.

Do you have an awesome headshot that just needs a little more post-production tweaking? We can do that too.

How about a creased, torn and discolored family portrait?  We can make it look great again.

We are professional. We listen to your needs, desires and concerns. We are highly skilled Photoshop artists. We are thorough and meticulous and promise a final image that will thrill you.

Drop us an email today to find out how we can help you.

Retouching is billed at $75 per hour, in 30 minute increments. Minimum: 1 hour


Danni's headshot required basic facial retouching with special attention to teeth enhancement and smoothing out irregular skin blemishes. Additional attention was taken around her eyes, eyebrows and overall exposure.

Tamar's retouching required special attention to significant skin blemishes, irregularities and blotchiness. Her facial profile was slightly contoured for a more streamline appearance.
Historical family photos often need significant color restoration and enhancement to bring back the look and feel of the original photograph. Dust and scratch removal and artifacts were cleaned up to give the photo a contemporary feel.
Stains, creases and artifacts had to be addressed to bring this photograph back to its original look and feel.