What is Pantella? In the Spanish language the word Pantalla translates to a screen, a shade, a covering…for VLM, Pantella experiments with blending ‘screens’ of textures, light and color to alter the visual mood and interpretation of an image.

Pantella is using ordinary subject matter or simple ideas and taking them in different directions. This is our sketchpad where ideas are played with and sometimes come to life.  It’s filled with flights of fancy and experimentation. We might test a new visual direction or just have some fun. It’s augmented imagery created with digital tools​

Our first pass right now is a collection of provocative images by Janet, amplifying everyday imagery and giving it a customized unique touch.

We want to make this section of our website a place where we juggle ideas, tossing them into the air, and hopefully creating some magic.  It’s a fertile ground for creative experimentation. We welcome your thoughts and ideas.

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