That special image…

We all have an image that stands out among the thousands of images we have taken over the years. For me one such image is a shot I took about 12 years ago in Lower Antelope Canyon. If you’ve ever been to the slot canyons on the Navajo Reservation just outside Page, Arizona, you know just how unique and surreal the landscape is. As you approach the curved slit in the earth and climb down into the canyon, you have no idea about the underground world you are entering.  The environment is mystical, magical and a bit unnerving, especially when you’re the only people down there. We were fortunate enough to be there before you needed a tour guide.

I was already a little out of my element just being on the reservation, but the play of light all around had my head spinning.  Sunlight was filtering down the curved sandstone walls making magical, constantly changing patterns and shadows in many subtle shades of color.  We were awestruck shooting film and experimenting with digital.  As I snaked my way through a two-foot wide crease, I turned around to see the composition framed before me. I only had a 3MB Fuji point and shoot in my hand but I fired off a few frames. The “Womb” shot, as we called it, had us coming back to it over and over. It’s a terrific example of a serendipitous moment and the every-changing magic in the slots.

Carved from Navajo sandstone over the course of thousands of years, Antelope Canyon is truly one of mother nature’s finest works of art – a sacred space to be cherished by all who experience its wonderment and spiritualit

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