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It was mid-May almost two decades ago when we first experienced the magic of the American Southwest. After a particularly hectic year, we fled our urban surroundings in the Northeast and headed west for an extensive photo excursion. Our goal was, of course, stunning photos. But we were also hoping to leave some of the angst and chaos behind and connect with the spiritual energy of the land.

Something profound happened to us on this trip. Life cranked way down and a stillness permeated our souls. We began to feel the exchange of human connection with all things living, including the spirit of the land. We found a sanctuary of quiet beauty in the sacred lands of the Native Americans, and opened up to the spiritual world surrounding us. Experiencing the energy fields of Shiprock, the ghosts of Antelope Canyon, the utter stillness of Canyonlands, and the spirits of Monument Valley were life altering for us both.

This infused in us the desire to have a transcendent experience wherever we looked. VisuaLiving Media became an outgrowth of that philosophy. We wanted to move beyond the every day mundane, see beyond the visible, and apply this “vision” to all of our projects and collaborations, allowing for as much creative expression as possible and even breaking new ground.

VLM will always be looking for that magical moment, the one that’s hidden in the shadows or right before us in plain sight waiting to be discovered. We’ve slowed the pace down, and not because we aren’t 30 anymore, but to allow us to recognize and receive the gifts that are before us each day.

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