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Shapeshifting – Creation of The Bookworm Cinemagraph

Shapeshifting – On the surface it may seem to be a simple task – like animating the ocean waves or blowing hair – but when planning out a cinemagraph, you may find that what you plan and what you end up with morph many times in the process. SetUp – Take ‘The Bookworm’ for instance. […]

Umbrellas of Unity Photo Shoot

Each and every year VisuaLiving tries to give something back to the community in a humanitarian way. We ended 2016 with two such projects —  the Umbrellas of Unity Initiative through WestCop and the WestHelp Homeless Shelter Family Portraits. Umbrellas of Unity is an initiative, created by Ellen Pospishil and supported by the Westchester Community […]

Mysteries of the Mysterious

After laying low from the 104 degree midday heat – it was an unusual heat wave for Death Valley in early April – we decided to head North to Scotty’s Castle around 4. Unbeknownst to us the Castle was closed and as we arrived, the guard was locking the gate. We sat for a while […]

That special image…

We all have an image that stands out among the thousands of images we have taken over the years. For me one such image is a shot I took about 12 years ago in Lower Antelope Canyon. If you’ve ever been to the slot canyons on the Navajo Reservation just outside Page, Arizona, you know […]

Saturday’s pro bono shoot

Once or twice per year we do pro bono work for a non-profit organization that sits close to our hearts. For this last shoot we selected an organization out of Brooklyn called Enlight10, whose mission is to ensure equitable college-planning opportunities for inner-city youth. They wanted corporate portraits and group shots for their website and/or […]

What it all means

It was mid-May almost two decades ago when we first experienced the magic of the American Southwest. After a particularly hectic year, we fled our urban surroundings in the Northeast and headed west for an extensive photo excursion. Our goal was, of course, stunning photos. But we were also hoping to leave some of the […]

A Trivial Question: Photoshoot or Photo Shoot?

I was writing up a blurb for the website today using the word(s) Photo Shoot. I wrote it out as one word then two but wasn’t sure which was correct. So I did what we do now – I looked it up on Google. Both are correct, but like most things photography-related, this word has […]